Participated in Honey J’s choreography production for ‘Holy Bang’! A preview of a unique performance!

‘Performance Queen’ Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon (HYO, under SM Entertainment) transforms into a fascinating ‘Spider Woman’ with her first mini album title song ‘DEEP’.

Hyoyeon’s new song ‘DEEP’, which will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on May 16th, is an EDM genre dance song that compares the feeling of being entangled and falling deeper and deeper in the relationship between biting and biting, compared to the search for prey by a predator. am.

In particular, for this ‘DEEP’ performance, Honey J, the leader of the dance crew ‘Holibang’, who worked with Hyoyeon on Mnet’s ‘Hit the Stage’, participated in the production and doubled the charisma of the song with the choreography that depicts the figure breaking through a spider’s web. It is enough to meet Hyoyeon’s unique ‘performance queen’ aspect.

On the other hand, Hyoyeon’s first mini-album ‘DEEP’ contains a total of 7 songs of various attractive electronic genres, and will be released as an album on May 16th.