NCT DREAM (SM) and Pinkfong have teamed up once again.

NCT DREAM and The Pink Pong Company are expected to launch a ‘Switch’ project to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the collaboration by exchanging each other’s contents and reinterpreting them in their own style.

Previously, NCT DREAM and The Pink Fong Company released the NCT DREAM version ‘Dinosaur ABC’ video and the Pink Fong version ‘Hot Sauce’ video as their first collaboration in May of last year, recording 75 million views on YouTube. In addition, various collaborations such as contents and product licensing business using the collaboration IP ‘NCT-REX’ were carried out.

As part of the ‘Switch’ project, NCT DREAM will release the NCT DREAM version of ‘Baby Tyrannos’ on May 5, on the 100th anniversary of Children’s Day, on YouTube’s NCT DREAM channel and Pinkfong channel. You can feel the friendly charm with the cheerful melody and unique rhythmic movements.

Then, on May 25th, The Pink Fong Company released the Pink Fong version of the animation music video, which arranged the NCT DREAM 2nd regular album title song ‘Glitch Mode’ with an 8-bit retro sound, and released the NCT DREAM character NCT-REX. It is expected to provide a different kind of fun with the addition of a story that appears as a ‘love solver’ and a point that pays homage to the background in the actual music video.

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM is in the midst of preparing the 2nd regular repackage album.