Narvan Apparel, a sustainable fashion label based out of Vancouver, BC, is celebrating its one-year anniversary on May 8 (Mother’s Day), 2022. Email and social media subscribers can look forward to an exclusive discount code for 25% off the entire collection as part of the celebration. Anyone can register for the email list at

“Our one-year anniversary is an incredible achievement to us because we’re such a small team – just myself and a few employees – and we’re not willing to cut corners,” says Marjan Kargar, CEO, Narvan Apparel. “In a time when fast fashion is the norm and profit is worshipped above respect for humans and the planet, we’re trying to do things differently. Running a sustainable fashion label is grueling at times, and there are lots of barriers to small brands like us, but seeing our positive impact makes it worth it.” 

Owned and operated by fine artist Marjan Kargar, Narvan Apparel produces limited collections of feminine and refined womenswear, defined by unique details and ethical production. Narvan’s first collection – the Signature Capsule – launched on Mother’s Day 2021. Marjan has chosen to celebrate each subsequent anniversary on Mother’s Day as an homage to Mother Earth and its beauty. 

“Narvan is founded on the belief that art and nature are intertwined,” says Marjan. “For us, that means that the well-being of people and planet are just as important as the designs themselves. Sustainable fabrics, quality construction, and ethical production practices are our guiding priorities, even if that means our collections take longer to produce.”

While many fast fashion brands launch new collections every week, the Signature Collection took nearly a year of planning, fit testing, and careful production to ensure the highest quality and most flattering fit. Featuring designs like the fan-favourite Arya Pant, a flowing piece with dramatic split hems and a graceful silhouette, each piece in the Signature Capsule was designed to function both as a statement piece and versatile essential. 

Those unfamiliar with Narvan Apparel are encouraged to check them out online at to learn more about the brand and its commitment to sustainability, or join the celebration on social media