Fulton Books author Gerald Cantrell, a retired military intelligence officer, has completed his most recent book “The Blue Pathway”: a gripping story that will draw a lot of emotions from its readers. The story is about Conor, a man who has fully given up his military career. After spending 25 years in the service, Conor grew tired of the politics and the social scenes. The worst thing was his job cost him his moral compass. Now, determined to turn over a new leaf, Conor has no idea of what the future has in store for him and his family.

Cantrell shares, “Colonel Conor Campbell said goodbye to Washington, DC, the Pentagon, and the whole Beltway Complex. He had enough of the climb of success, the constant moves of a US Army intelligence officer, and above all, a failed marriage. He wanted to go home to the beloved Ozark foothills of eastern Oklahoma to seek the comfort of familiar places and live on his own land. Adair County had always given Conor a sense of peace, a place where four generations of the Campbell family had made their home after the great walk of sorrows, also known as the Trail of Tears. Being a proud member of the Cherokee Nation had always given him a sense of belonging no matter how far he traveled. What Conor did not know at the time was that he was about to step into a world very different from his memories, a world that would overshadow anything he had encountered in his life thus far. The verdant hills and secluded hollows of eastern Oklahoma held secrets meant to be retained only by those of the initiated. This new world of mystery, intrigue, and danger, which awaited him, far surpassed anything Conor encountered in the army.”

Published by Fulton Books, Gerald Cantrell’s book is a page-turning piece on family, honor, and justice. The author seamlessly wraps up each issue presented in the story. He also left clues that will suddenly make sense as the read comes to an end.

It’s a read that has a good balance of drama and action.