‘Beautiful vocalist’ Ryeowook makes a solo comeback after 3 years with the title song ‘Only For Today’ on the 3rd mini album on the 3rd!

Ryeowook, a ‘luxury ballad’, blooms with a deeper and stronger lyricism with ‘A Wild Rose’.

Ryeowook will release his third mini-album ‘A Wild Rose’ through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 3rd, and return to the listeners’ side as a solo artist after 3 years.

‘A Wild Rose’ is an album that contains Ryeowook’s charming tone and excellent singing ability in a more mature and dark color. Ryeowook composes his well-made alum by accurately grasping not only his own taste but also the music his fans want to hear. As a result, Ryeowook Pyo’s music world was completed, following the first mini album ‘The Little Prince’ in 2016 and the second mini album ‘Drunk on love’ in 2019.

The title song ‘Hiding Words’ is a ballad song with piano and guitar melodies that adds to the sadness. In a story where a man full of scars meets a woman who is like a gift and writes a story together, but asks him not to read the words he wants to turn away from, the pain of preparing for a breakup is embodied in a movie-like narrative.

The music video for ‘Hiding Words’, which will be released along with the sound source that day, was filmed at all locations in Jeju Island.

In addition, ‘Everlasting Love’, a faint song about the promise of love, ‘Bluebird’, which depicts a passive love story, ‘To Me’ of the addictive modern rock genre, and a dreamy tone Seven songs with various emotions in the ballad, such as ‘Angel’s Wing’, ‘Crying’ with pleasant lyrics in a rhythmic progression, and ‘My Dear’, which contains the words to say to a relationship, are expected to fascinate listeners.

Ryeowook, who heightened the comeback fever with a different teasing content to commemorate his solo comeback in three years, plans to communicate closely with domestic and foreign music fans through more diverse activities and contents with the release of ‘A Wild Rose’.

The third mini-album ‘A Wild Rose’, filled with Ryeowook’s voice and emotions, will be released through various online music sites at 6 pm on the same day.