Presenter Sophie Morgan will continue on her epic bike road trip meeting people who have made radical changes in their lives in order to live their wildest dreams. 

The four-part series sees Sophie travelling to the furthest corners of the UK and the continent: from Scandinavia to the Scilly Isles, the Scottish Islands to the Norfolk coast, the most remote point of Cumbria to the southernmost island of Ireland.

As she explores snow-covered  arctic forests or surfs on the beachfront of North Devon, Sophie will offer up an unfiltered insight  into the unexpected realities, both good and bad, of pursuing a life filled with adventure, purpose and passion in some of the most remote and breathtakingly beautiful parts of the U.K. and beyond. 

The series initially aired as a two-parter in August last year and saw Sophie immerse herself in the lives of various people -from a shepherdess raising rare sheep to a Muslim London family who relocate to a farm in remote Wales – who are all united by a desire to build new lives around the things they love.

Sophie Morgan says: ‘I’m so excited to be heading back out on the road again for another adventure, to meet more incredible people and visit more extraordinary places. In this second series, I’ll be diving even deeper into the lives of people who haven’t let anything stand in the way of a better life and plan to find out exactly how we can all find inspiration for any changes we wish to make to our own lives. We only have one life and this series is all about learning how best to live it!’ 

Colette Foster, Executive Producer at Full Fat TV says: ‘Most of us dream about starting a new life but are yet to make that leap into the unknown. The people Sophie meets have made that brave decision – to seek out a better way of life – and who can blame them. They have chosen to live in the most stunning parts of the U.K. surrounded by extraordinary nature.’

Will Rowson, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 says: ‘After last year’s episodes delighted viewers keen to leave their pandemic bubbles and explore a world a possibility, we’re thrilled that Sophie will be getting back on her bike and cranking up the ambition for a series that will be big, bold and adventurous.’