Photo Credit: Søren Lynggaard

Today, Copenhagen’s Iceage present a new single, “All The Junk On The Outskirts,” and announce a co-headline US tour with Earth. The rollicking song was tracked during the recording sessions that formed their 2018 album Beyondless and has been rattling around the band’s ether since then. They revisited the track in 2021 and finished recording it this year. “I consider this one of the better cuts off the Beyondless sessions, but it ended up being a misfit that wouldn’t quite fit in with the other songs as we put together the tracklisting. Like a piece belonging to a different puzzle,” says singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt. “Much like it wasn’t welcome with the others on Beyondless, it’s an anthem for those on the outside looking in.

Listen to Iceage’s “All The Junk On The Outskirts”

This year, Iceage have been touring the US and Europe in support of 2021’s acclaimed album Seek ShelterAhead of their Autumn tour with Earth, the band will appear at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival and the Pitchfork Music Festival