Lighting as a leader in the global music market, re-proves SM’s global influence!

SM Co-CEOs Lee Seong-soo and Tak Young-joon were selected on the US Billboard ‘2022 International Power Players’.

Billboard, a famous American media, announced ‘2022 International Power Players’ on April 25 (local time), and co-representatives Lee Sung-soo and Tak Young-joon were named together, confirming SM’s global influence once again.

‘International Power Players’ is a list that Billboard selects and announces every year since 2014, leading global music market leaders outside the United States. reached This is an increase of 18.5% from the previous year and is the highest level ever recorded. ‘2022 International Power Players’ contributed to this growth.”

Billboard said about SM, “One of SM’s many achievements was the success of the metaverse girl group Espa. Each member has a unique virtual world avatar, and Espa signed a contract with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in July.”

In addition, Lee Sung-soo and Tak Young-joon, co-representatives, said through Billboard, “Despite the prolonged pandemic, SM sold about 18 million albums in 2021, achieving the best performance ever. SM is realizing the vast virtual world we envisioned, and the opportunities are endless.”

Meanwhile, in this list, in addition to co-CEOs Seongsu Lee and Youngjun Tak, prominent figures in the global music industry were selected, such as Simon Robson, chairman of Warner Music Group’s international music group, and Melissa Thomas, vice president of international marketing in the US at Sony Music Entertainment.