Authentic has a new home in Seyi O’s melodic territory! Seyi O is a young and upcoming British Rapper who has a penchant for wordsmith and his lyrical adroitness seeks to turn emotions and truths into melodic verses with near universal appeal. He might have taken long to gather up the courage and go professional but what matters is that he is finally doing it and he has started on a high note with his authentic flows carrying so much weighty wisdom you might be left thinking too hard as to whether Santan Dave has a twin brother! He is able to flawlessly glide over any piece of instrument offering up some deep lyrics that carry eternally fulfilling messages and his knife-edge lyricism ensures that the message is right at home in a listeners heart and soul! He is not doing music for the sake of it but seeks to inspire greatly and motivate astoundingly through each piece of art he releases out there!

“Speaking the Truth” is one such inspiring tune that speaks to a determined soul out there who may feel the pressure of trying so hard to achieve their dreams and feeling like they are not doing enough as compared to their peers. This very moment they are reminded that their commitment to become sublimely creative, pristinely productive and decadently decent of service will pay off and they should refrain from allowing the shadow forces of comparison, doubt and disappointment to dim the light of their most luminous selves and their dreams.

In what is a striking moment of melodic brilliance, the piano oscillations open this tune escorted by Seyi O’s whispery vocals at the background up until moment 0:24 where things take an exciting turn with the deep-bass rhythmic elements facing off against Seyi O’s powerful lyrical display that takes a momentous turn of poetic evolution- Seyi Odelivering some fluid thoughts in calibrated rap poetry that sits with prose and balance; slinking through the hip-hop instrumentation with command and clarity!

He is no short of ideas as he delivers a full-length poetic showpiece, all the while pulling a listener closer with his artistic wisdom and faultless performance that smells of maturity and pragmatism! This is masterpiece personified and you are guaranteed to have it on repeat as you vibe endlessly to the genuine brilliance on show! In the era of Stormzy and Santan Dave, I feel like in the near distance is Seyi O who is on his way to making a name for himself in the UK rap scene in just a matter of time!