Disclosure of flawless pictorial cuts completed with passion + charm + energy
“NCT is my pride, a team that is not afraid of challenges and produces distinct colors.”

NCT Doyoung (SM) decorates the cover of a fashion magazine and draws attention.

Doyoung was selected as the cover model for the May issue of the fashion magazine W Korea <W Korea> and drew attention by perfectly digesting the dandy look of French luxury brand Dior with the concept of ‘strength in freedom’.

In particular, Doyoung personally came up with the idea of ​​blonde hair in this pictorial and attempted a new transformation, as well as running across the gym without stopping, jumping on the mat, etc. are getting

Also, in the interview conducted with the filming, when asked what he thinks most often about the group NCT, he said, “It’s a word of pride.” “I think NCT is a team that does a variety of music without being afraid of a challenge and yet maintains a distinct color. do. When I think of the color and diversity that comes from the team itself, and each member, I naturally feel proud.”

The full pictorial cut, interview, and sensual fashion film featuring Doyoung’s unique charm can be found in the May issue of W Korea and the website <wkorea.com>.