Fulton Books author Jessica Jones, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Certified Anger Management Specialist II (CAMS II), has completed her most recent book “Dafina Learns to Cope with Anger”: a heartfelt illustration that tells about a child named Dafina who tries her best to cope with the anger she feels. She then learns how to make better choices and handle the situation in a right way with the help of those around her.

Jones shares, “Dafina’s story is one of a seven-year-old African American girl who is learning to navigate the world around her. Dafina takes readers through a series of events where Dafina learns to cope with varying situations, such as anger, physical differences, divorce, and depression. Dafina’s story provides tools for children around her to learn to manage their emotions around difficulties of life and includes discussion questions at the end of her story for readers to discuss with their parents, teachers, or therapists. In Dafina’s first story, she learns how to cope with her feelings of anger and then identifies how she could have handled the situation differently through the encouragement of her teacher, Ms. Potts. Dafina is wheelchair-bound, but that does not define her story.”

Published by Fulton Books, Jessica Jones’ amazing creation will help children learn how to handle their emotions as they get to face challenges and adversaries in life. 

The author hopes to help the youth navigate their feelings, especially in moments when everything seems confusing.