Swedish Vice Minister of Business Innovation and Swedish Ambassador to Korea visit SM Seongsu ‘s new office
Great interest in ‘K-pop representative innovative company’ SM

CEO Tak Young-joon met with Swedish Vice Minister of Business and Innovation Stina Willinger on the afternoon of the 21st at SM’s new headquarters in Seongsu, Korea We chatted about cultural exchange and music industry in Sweden.

This meeting was held at the special request of the Swedish Embassy in Korea, as Vice Minister Stina Willinger showed a high interest in exporting Korean music and culture.

Deputy Minister Stina Willinger said, “I have always been very interested in SM and Swedish music because they seem to have a lot in common. Starting with this opportunity, we look forward to SM’s continued exchange in Sweden’s creative industry and innovation system.”

In response, CEO Tak Young-jun said, “Starting with the 1998 SES hit ‘Dreams Come True’, SM has been collaborating with several composers and musicians in Northern Europe, including Sweden, to create many hit songs. I hope that active collaboration with Sweden will be possible in the future, not only in music but also in various cultural contents industries.”

Following this day’s office tour, the world’s first online-only concert ‘Beyond LIVE’, ‘Play2Create’ (P2C), a participatory creative culture created by SM Executive Producer Lee Soo-man, and future businesses and visions of SM, such as NFT, metaverse, and block chain businesses, will be introduced. Ambassador Daniel Bolven and other officials also expressed interest by asking questions for a long time.