‘Top Actor’ Lim Yoon-ah’s nice hard work! This time, her expectation to rise as a roco queen
with ‘Cooperation 2’, ‘Date at 2 o’clock’, and ‘Big Mouse’, etc. will increase expectations

Lim Yoon-a meets viewers by confirming her appearance in her new drama ‘King the Land’ (working title) as her female lead, Cheon Sa-rang.   

The drama ‘King the Land’ is set in the VVIP business lounge ‘King the Land’, a dream of hoteliers, and tells the story of a man who can’t stand a pretentious smile and a woman who always has to smile brightly.

Lim’s ‘Thousand Love’ is a character with a smile that brightens the world, and a character who grows up while working at the ‘King Hotel’, which gave her the happiest memories of her childhood. It is expected that it will be digested perfectly.

In particular, Yoona Lim is expected to present a new transformation into a hotelier in this work, following her first challenge in the noir genre and collecting topics through her drama ‘Big Mouse’, which is currently being filmed. prospect.

In addition, Lim Yoon-a, who has been well received by audiences and film officials for her performances in the films ‘Cooperation’, ‘Exit’, and ‘Miracle’, is waiting for the release of ‘Cooperation 2: International’, as well as filming ‘Date at 2 O’Clock’. As she is continuing her activities in Chungmuro, such as the upcoming , it seems that the ‘hard work’ of Lim Yoon-a, a popular actress, will continue for the time being.

Meanwhile, for ‘King the Land’, writer Seongil Cheon of ‘Now at Our School’ was the creator, and writer Rom Choi, who belongs to the creative group ‘Team Harimao’, decided to take on Lee Jun-ho as the male lead, and a certain fantasy breathing with Im Yoon-ah. Attention is focused on whether it will bring excitement.