‘Romantic Investigation’ Cheerful + Cheerful Charm Foreshadowing
Together with fantastic partner Jung Il-woo once again! ‘Expectation in full bloom’

Kwon Kwon Kwon’s ‘Don Sera’ in KT Studio Genie’s new drama ‘Good Job’ (directed by Ryu Seung-jin, written by Kim Jeong-ae, and Kwon Hee-kyung, planned by KT Studio Genie, produced by Production H, Yein E&M), which depicts the romance of a new chaebol detective and super-sighted person. He takes on the role and tries another acting transformation.

‘Don Sera’, played by Kwon Yu-ri, has a cheerful personality and was born with super vision, but she wears a pair of glasses to hide it, and uses her powers secretly.

In addition, ‘Don Sera’ is going to have a romantic relationship with ‘Eun Seon-woo’ (Jung Il-woo), a tycoon he met while working as a professional N-job who does everything to help those around him. Already looking forward to it.

Kwon Kwon, who appeared in the previous MBN drama ‘Bossam – Stealing Destiny’, broke the MBN drama highest ratings record with a high-density acting ability even though it was her first historical drama challenge, and clearly showed her presence as a lead role. The focus is on whether or not it will capture the heart.

In addition, Kwon Kwon is leading a hot topic by announcing the second meeting through ‘Good Job’ with Jung Il-woo, who showed the best synergy as ‘fantastic partner’ in ‘Bossam – Stealing Destiny’.

Meanwhile, KT Studio Genie’s new drama ‘Good Job’, which Kwon Yu-ri has confirmed to appear in, is scheduled to air on the ENA channel in the second half of this year.