Fulton Books author W. H. Mefford, an award-winning marketing-public relations consultant, a former news reporter for Scripps-Howard and UPI, has completed his most recent book “The Stalin Stain”: a thrilling crime story that continues on the adventures of a police investigator as he stumbles upon a murder case that still haunts the victim’s family. Across this intercontinental feud, will this Moscow investigator outsmart the tactics of these criminal masterminds?

Mefford shares, “Moscow Police Investigator Illya Podipenko is back! This time, his adventure begins not in Moscow but in New York City. He is drowsily lounging on a bench in New York’s Central Park, unaware that his world is about to be turned upside down, when a beautiful and irrepressible young girl named Katya, a student in one of his lectures, slides next to him on the park bench and whispers in his ear that she is in great danger and that she needs Illya’s help because her grandfather has been murdered and the killers are now after her.

Thus, begins a perilous and intimate adventure in the US and Russia for the Moscow investigator and the young American woman as, together, they hurry to unravel perplexing clues, outrun Georgian underworld thugs, and uncover shocking historic truths about Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s death and billions in gold and jewels he had secretly hidden away. Even current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, gets involved in the chase. By solving clues and puzzles left behind by Illya’s father, a famous Red Army marshal, Illya and Katya must discover where the Stalin treasure is hidden before the Georgian mobsters beat them to the punch. Along the way, Illya and Katya uncover staggering revelations about each of their families that changed the course of history.”

Published by Fulton Books, W. H. Mefford’s suspenseful narrative brings the readers along on a case that holds endless secrets and gripping truths. Woven with themes that tackle history and politics, this is a read that is hard to put down for many readers.

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