“Lee Soo-man is the person who made the Korean pop music culture called K-pop, and it was the time when I was able to know the insight that penetrated the entertainment industry” Spotlighted!
“The first mega interview with the godfather of K-pop” Shows high expectations!

Lee Soo-man SM Executive Producer and Middle East Representative On the

14th (local time), the morning show ‘Sabah AlArabiya’ of Al Arabiya, the leading news channel in the Middle East, was held, with a special interview with Al Arabiya, a news channel. A special interview with reporter

Ashwaq Al-Atoli was aired, and executive producer Sooman Lee talked about his global success as the founder of K-pop and his vision for the future entertainment industry. of anchor Siham Benzamouche and Nadine Khammash said, “For the first time, we will present a mega exclusive interview with executive producer Lee Soo-man, the godfather of K-pop. Lee Soo-man, executive producer, is the founder of SM Entertainment and Korean popular music called K-pop. The subject of K-Pop was that “K-Pop topped the charts around the world, renewed YouTube views, and introduced the most popular and trendy groups that transcend differences in language and culture.” In an interview to share with executive producer Lee Soo-man, he showed high expectations.

Reporter Ashwak al-Atori, who conducted the interview in person, said about executive producer Lee Soo-man, “For the past few years, Korean culture has had a huge impact on various fields such as music, TV, and film around the world. In particular, to learn more about K-pop, it is an honor to meet with the founder of K-pop and the godfather of K-pop, Lee Soo-man, general producer.”

Executive Producer Lee Soo-man said, “I was at the scene of the history of K-pop’s development. I grew up really fast, and I felt a lot of satisfaction. I was here before the start of the Korean Wave, and as ‘SMP (SM Music Performance)’ became K-pop and became known all over the world, it seems to have been with K-pop until now. Even now, there is still a lot of potential for development, and I am very excited about the journey ahead.”

In addition, when asked about how close they think Asia is to becoming the center of the world market in the fields of art and music, “I think (Asia) has already become the center of the world market. Among various cultures around the world, I think K-pop is currently the most popular content. Korea’s excellent content and our production are being recognized and will have a greater influence in the future. The next place we need to work together is the Middle East.”

In addition, Al Arabia paid attention to the insight of Executive Producer Sooman Lee, who predicted that K-pop will lead the metaverse market and create an infinite content world. I think I was able to introduce the world’s first online-only concert brand ‘Beyond LIVE’ more quickly because of the investment. In the untact era, beyond the limits of space, artists can meet fans from all over the world without having to go directly to the site, and they propose a new performance paradigm where they can enjoy the performances of their favorite artists at their desired location. Robots and artificial intelligence will make human life more convenient and rich, and it will develop into a robot world by 2045. We are preparing for such a world and establishing a new vision of ‘SMCU (SM Culture Universe)'” he said.

He continued, “‘SMCU’ is an infinite realm that transcends all boundaries such as reality and virtuality, time and space, genre, and generation. ‘SMCU’ can be said to be ‘SM Culture Universe’, and in a small sense it is ‘SM Contents Universe’. The new mixed video genre created by SM was named ‘CAWMAN’. There is no right answer as to how to enjoy it because it presents comprehensive content that combines various elements and things to enjoy. Currently, we are living in the era of metaverses and producers, where prosumers voluntarily recreate and spread content, so we are creating and dreaming of creating ‘SMCU’ where prosumers can enjoy newly re-created and re-created content.”

In addition, when asked if he expected K-pop to achieve this kind of growth in the past, he said, “At the time of preparing for overseas expansion, the power of Korean culture was not as well-known as it is now. So, based on the catchphrase of ‘Culture First, Economy Next’, we pioneered overseas markets. Hallyu and K-pop are the history of innovation and revolution, and they are able to completely change the existing thinking and show that the influence of culture is great. The future and dreams I envisioned seem to have come true. It seems that Korean pop culture, including K-pop, has become known all over the world and has become a trend. There were many difficult and difficult moments while pioneering a new path, but it was so rewarding that I was able to overcome it. In addition, I was able to go further because I realized the power of culture, and I feel even stronger now. The more Korean pop culture is known, the more I realize the influence of Hangeul and Korean products and brands being known and loved, and it seems that I have a sense of duty as a first mover.”

In addition, as a vision for Arab music and the Middle East market, “Arab fans are showing a lot of love and interest in K-Pop. As SNS developed, I was surprised that there were so many Arab fans, and I could see that local young people were very interested in the culture of other countries. Arab thinks that it can move forward with names such as Arab pop, Dubai pop, and Saudi pop as well as collaborations with K-pop bands. There is work I can do too, and thank you for giving me so many suggestions. It would be a good start if there was an opportunity to show the long history of the Arabs and exchange of culture through young Arabs. When the unique Arab culture meets our production, we expect that new content will be created and greater synergy will be achieved.”

Finally, reporter Ashwak Al-Atori concluded the interview with Executive Producer Lee Soo-man, saying, “Thank you so much for being with us today. It was a time when I was able to know the insight of executive producer Lee Soo-man about the entertainment industry through the interview.”

On the other hand, this special interview drew attention as the full version video was also released through Al Arabia Broadcasting’s official YouTube channel.