NCT Taeyong (SM Entertainment) and Wonstein sing a light love song with the new song ‘Love Theory’.

Taeyong and Wonstein’s new collaboration song ‘Love Theory’, which will be released through SM ‘STATION’, will be released on April 14 at 6 pm Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Cougar. It can be found on various music sites such as Woo Music and Kuwo Music.

The new song ‘Love Theory’ is a pop genre hip-hop song that harmonizes with a bouncing fluff sound and percussion rhythm. doubling

In addition, Taeyong and Wonstein directly participated in writing and composing, as well as talented people who participated in the composition of NCT DREAM ‘Never Goodbye’, NCT U ‘All About You’, and Baekhyun’s ‘Privacy’ Musician Zayson also worked together to enhance the level of perfection.

Meanwhile, SM ‘STATION’ is building its own ‘SM library’ through various genres of music as well as rich content such as live videos and interview videos