Recent release ‘A Spiritual Affair: A Love Story’ from Newman Springs Publishing author E.T. Bowden is based on a true story of love and gratification as seen through the spirit and soul of two people who knew and loved each other through a spiritual connection, never experiencing the physical—a love that was pure, untouched, and often misunderstood.

E.T. Bowden, who was born at the edge of the Mississippi delta, has completed her new book “A Spiritual Affair: A Love Story”: an enthralling novel that follows the romance between Nick and Ashlee. Despite many years of marriage to her true love, Brian, Ashlee and Nick’s deep spiritual connection to each other transcends 55 years. 

Author E.T. takes readers into the world of her story, writing, “‘Nick is in hospice.’ These four words left me in shock and changed my life in February 2020, making me revisit a time I had stored in memory but not forgotten. It was the end, but it was also the beginning of something I never could have imagined. These words, spoken by a person I barely knew, would change the way I felt about life. My first thoughts were, how did she know we knew each other? and, is she related to him? My niece and several of her friends had arrived in New Orleans for a cruise, and I decided to treat them to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants while they waited to sail. I never knew this would be a life-changing experience. At first, I thought maybe that margarita was a little too strong. She only said those words and turned away, continuing her conversation with her husband. Her face looked strange, and her eyes seemed blank, as though she was looking through me. After dinner, she never said another word to me. I was shocked. I wanted to see her again. But I was unable to.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, E.T. Bowden’s compelling tale allows readers to experience the impact of an overpowering spiritual connection.