Fulton Books author Meg Spinella, a hospice chaplain, a grief and trauma counselor, and intuitive life coach, has completed her most recent book “You Were My Mother”: a potent work of fiction that presents a story as seen through the lenses of a mother and a daughter. Lila’s mother, Camille, is in prison. She hasn’t once seen her since then. Camille on the other hand suffers silently. Her beautiful life with her beloved family crumbled just like that. This is their story, an emotional journey towards acceptance and healing.

Spinella shares, “As she approaches her 40th birthday, Camille Vaccaro leads a charmed life—one that revolves around her loving husband and her precocious daughter, Lila. But that life unravels rapidly after Camille’s father reveals on his deathbed that he is not her birth father. Before she can digest this news, another traumatic event completely upends her world, sending her to prison and threatening her ability to ever find her way back to her marriage, her child, and an understanding of herself.

“Meanwhile, at 14, and through no fault of her own, Lila is forced to come to terms with the aftermath of events that have sent her adolescence spiraling into chaos.

“Can this mother and daughter navigate the events of the past to find new stability in the present and build a future together?”

Published by Fulton Books, Meg Spinella’s book is a heart-rending read on familial relationships. It portrays the pain, trauma, resentment, and love between family members that will surely engage the readers and perhaps bring tears to their eyes.

While it’s heartbreaking, the story stays true to its cause: to provide hope and healing to anyone who can see themselves in the characters’ shoes.