A Nottinghamshire fitness equipment business has announced a second major distribution partnership with an award-winning virtual reality fitness machine – Icaros.

Fitness Options, based Kirkby-in-Ashfield, supplies high-end home and commercial fitness equipment alongside the design and installation of bespoke home gym solutions.

Fitness Options has been working closely with the German manufacturer as it seeks to bring a new experience to the UK fitness market and secured an exclusive deal to supply and showcase their virtual reality equipment back in 2000 – it also boasts the largest display of “Life Fitness” equipment in the Midlands.

Now they have added the new “ICAROS Cloud” a giant high tech wobble board which can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. Its large surface area is much easier to use than the smaller traditional boards and allows for more exercises to be performed from standing, lying and in kneeling positions.

As with all ICAROS products, the Cloud has a digital interface, allowing you to experience ICAROS exercises with your Smartphone, tablet or optional Pico G2 4H VR headset.

The award winning ICAROS range offers a variety of virtual reality experiences to make exercise not only effective but more fun, according to Karl Viner, who co-owns Fitness Options with Wendy Howe and Ray Needham;

‘As fitness equipment evolves to become more immersive, we have seen with the success of virtual reality spin classes and increasing investment in technology to create genuinely fun and interactive experiences. Who would have thought that you could be “flying” through a landscape or chasing antelope in a virtual desert as you train your core and stability?

‘Once again, we look forward to showcasing the latest range of Icaros equipment at our showroom here in Nottinghamshire but also on the road as it really is a very eye-catching piece of technology that captures the imagination.’

The ICAROS Cloud is designed to provide a full body workout. With its specially designed training surface and adjustable settings it will work your core, build lower and upper body muscles and improve coordination and balance through unstable exercises.

Yoga and pilates inspired balance exercises as well as HIIT sessions add to its training effects. Additional rubber bands can be easily attached, allowing for a huge variety of intense resistance training cycles.