Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong will launch ‘Shin’ Park and ‘special’ special milk kit.

The special package ‘New Recipe Black Edition’ of the meal kit ‘New Recipe’, which Leeteuk and Shindong participated in in selecting and developing the menu, will be released on the 6th.

‘Unusual Recipe’ is SM Entertainment’s first milk kit. As the first product prior to the release of the main menu, we prepared two limited edition ‘Black Editions’ aimed at the happy Black Day of singles. The ‘New Chinese Food Set’, where you can enjoy differentiated Chinese cuisine as a full course, and the ‘New Western Food Set’, where you can easily enjoy high-quality Western food at home, are planning to visit the public with different charms.

First of all, ‘New Chinese Food Set’ is a rich Chinese full course featuring large seafood and vegetable jjajang, an attractive seafood tray, sweet and sour pork with sweet and sour black pork flavored with black pork, and a combination of plump shrimp and sweet and sour chili sauce. was composed The ‘Unique Western Set’ consists of high-quality black-labeled fan meat and well-equipped vegetable garnish, which completes a wonderful dish, and truffle ink pasta with a deep and rich flavor that will strike the palate of pasta lovers. Through this, you can enjoy a special and luxurious Black Day at home.

The original ‘Cooking idol’ Leeteuk and ‘Tasteful’ Shindong, who are well versed in cooking and food, put their passion and taste in this ‘Unusual Recipe’. During the development process, the two of them tasted the taste several times and presented their opinions, and completed the taste themselves. Accordingly, ‘Shin’ Park and ‘special’ milk kits that take the names of Leeteuk and Shindong one by one are expected to sniper even the taste of the public.

The ‘Unique Recipe Black Edition’ will be sold exclusively at Shinsegae International’s own online mall SIVILLAGE from this day to the 10th.

At 6 pm on the 8th, a cooking live talk show in which Leeteuk and Shindong cook a ‘unique recipe’ will be held through simultaneous transmission on live commerce SILIVE and SMTOWN & STORE’s official YouTube channel. will tell