The third song of ‘Self Cover Project’ to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Japanese debut of ‘Asian Star’ BoA (SM Entertainment) was released yesterday (4th).

The third song of ‘Self Cover Project’, released on April 4th at 0 o’clock on various global music platforms including Korea and Japan, is BoA’s Japanese single ‘抱Kishimaru’ (Dakishimeru), released in 2005, with English narration in the original song. In addition,

‘Self Cover Project’ newly arranges a total of 10 songs among BoA’s Japanese releases and releases one song each week sequentially, ‘AGGRESSIVE’, ‘make a secret’ ( Make a Secret) and other famous songs of BoA can be met in a different way, and they are getting a good response.

On the other hand, following ‘Self Cover Project’, BoA plans to release an album commemorating the 20th anniversary of her Japanese debut, ‘The Greatest’ on May 30th.