The music video teaser video for EXO’s Suho (SM)’s new song ‘Grey Suit’ has been released and is a hot topic.

Suho’s new solo album title song ‘Grey Suit’ music video teaser video, was released on the 1st of April at 0 o’clock on YouTube’s SMTOWN channel, etc., caught the attention of the emotional new song atmosphere and SUHO’s attractive visuals.

The title song ‘Grey Suit’ is a progressive rock genre song that combines a lyrical band sound and a dynamic string line. It was expressed sensibly by comparing it to color.

In addition, the second teaser video for the music video for the title song ‘Grey Suit’ will be released at 0 o’clock on the 3rd, which is expected to raise the anticipation for the comeback to the highest level.

On the other hand, Suho’s second mini album ‘Grey Suit’ contains a total of 6 songs that Suho participated in writing the lyrics under the theme of ‘time’, and will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on April 4th.