For nearly 25 Years Grand Designs has delighted viewers in the UK and around the world. The show has spawned several successful spin-offs and international versions including Grand Designs Australia, Grand Designs Abroad, Grand Designs: The Streets and Grand Designs: House of the Year.

Naked West and Channel 4 are now collaborating on a new extension to the brand  that recognises a niche aesthetic among viewers. The homes featured in the series may not win awards for design or innovation, but they represent a more inoffensive architecture style that will be familiar to many. They are Bland Designs.  

The celebratory series will be fronted by host and architecture enthusiast Kevin McCloud who has hosted Grand Designs since the very first show.  

Kevin McCloud described the series by saying “This is a brand-new addition [of the brand] in which we strip away the pomp, the circumstance, the frippery, and arrogance of architecture and bring you Bland Designs”.