The rise of living costs and the increased price of fuel will dramatically affect many families across the UK. As both Easter and Summer approach, it is likely to impact staycation and holiday plans.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose by 6.2% in the 12 months to February 2022.

In real terms, this means UK families will find their money will buy less, and their budgets are stretched, leaving less money for non-essentials, like holidays.

The cost of fuel has increased dramatically which will affect the cost holidaymakers will pay to travel to their holiday home.

Since 31 January 2022, unleaded fuel prices have increased by 16.91 pence per litre. This means that for the average car with a 55 litre tank, it will cost a whopping extra £9.30 to fill the tank.

Holidaymakers will be affected in a multitude of ways.

Robin Morris – Director of Bookster, the Holiday Rental Software – states: “Holidaymakers will pay more for travel to and from their holiday home, and are likely to see increased costs of their stay for food, activities and rental fees.”

He added “We’re already seeing self-catering owners across the UK increasing their weekly rates to cover the soaring costs to run their businesses. They are being hit with price hikes for electricity and gas costs, increased travel costs for cleaners, owners and concierges as well as National Insurance increases.”

However, there is some good news if you’ve not yet booked your summer staycation. Bookster advises

1. Start planning your holiday now. Costs are going to rise further throughout the year, so locking in a rental price will protect you from future prices rises.

2. Plan your finances. Work out how much you can realistically afford taking into account the rise in costs and budget for that.

3. Travel local. Plan a break more locally to reduce your travel costs. There are many self-catering homes across the UK that offer an affordable break.

4. Reduce outgoings. Look at how to reduce your outgoings, from making fewer non-essential purchases, to seeking out own brand foods and special offers.

5. Travel light. A lighter car will use less fuel, so don’t pack the kitchen sink this year.