Includes dreamy ‘Morning Star’, witty ‘Hurdle’, and sensual ‘Decanting’!

‘Emotional vocal’ EXO’s Suho (SM) will present colorful music based on the band’s sound through his new solo album.

Suho’s second mini-album ‘Grey Suit’, which will be released on April 4, contains a total of 6 songs, including the title song ‘Grey Suit’ of the same name, and Suho participated in writing the lyrics under the theme of ‘time’. .

‘Morning Star’ recorded in this album is a modern rock genre song featuring a dreamy intro expressing a long dream. put in

In addition, ‘Hurdle’ is a pop-rock genre song featuring an intro with the noise of the city and a tense bass line.

Also, ‘Decanting’ is an alternative britpop genre song with a sensual melody and passionate guitar solo that catches your ears. am.

On the other hand, Suho’s second mini album ‘Grey Suit’ will be released on April 4 at 6 pm on various music sites.