“Carefully put down…” UV x Siwon Choi, UP for the first teaser of ‘My Old Bike’ Collaboration UP

Super Junior Siwon Choi and group UV delivered pleasant energy from the first teaser.

On the 23rd, Label SJ released four image teasers for the new digital single ‘Riding’ with UV (Yoo Se-yoon, Musi) and Choi Si-won through the official SNS on the 23rd.

In the image teaser, Siwon Choi, Seyoon Yoo, and Musi are wearing red, green, and yellow riding outfits, goggles, and a helmet. The unity with the character of the illustration cover, released the day before, brings unexpected laughter.

Choi Si-won, Yoo Se-yoon, and Musi’s stunning poses are also eye-catching with the backdrop of bike riding spots all over Seoul. The gruesome expression reminiscent of the Earth Defense Force makes people look forward to their collaboration.

‘My Old Bike’, created by UV and Siwon Choi’s collaboration, is a song for bicycle riding enthusiasts. Siwon Choi and Seyoon Yoo expressed their affection on their respective SNS the day before, saying, “Riding season. The riding song comes out. I carefully accepted it and put it down. I dedicate it to the many riders running on the road today as well.”

Following the caricature illustrations, the teaser images are also full of their wit and sense. Siwon Choi and UV are expected to show extraordinary synergy as representative bicycle riding enthusiasts and fresh musical partners in the entertainment industry.

It is expected that Siwon Choi’s charming tone, UV’s unique personality, and the common hobby of riding will meet to unleash potential beyond expectations. Accordingly, interest is gathered in the different teasing contents that will be released in the future.

UV and Choi Siwon’s new digital single ‘Riding’ will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 30th.