From the heartfelt ‘Rewind’ delivered by Childream to the ‘minicar’ that will provide warm comfort, rich musical charm!

NCT DREAM (SM) delivers a sincere message with the 2nd regular album ‘Rewind’ and ‘Mini Car (Drive)’.

‘Rewind’ in this album is a medium R&B pop song with a light beat that creates a lively atmosphere. The lyrics to go back in time and reminisce about the memories we had together convey the desire to be together forever as ‘Childream’ and the heart I want to convey to the fans. expressed

Another b-side song ‘Mini Car (Drive)’ is a medium genre song with a faint sensibility centered on acoustic piano and guitar sounds. It offers warm consolation to those who are struggling and weary.

NCT DREAM’s 2nd full-length album ‘Glitch Mode’ contains a total of 11 songs where you can meet various music colors, including the title song ‘Glitch Mode’ with an impressive repetitive hook. response is expected.

On the other hand, NCT DREAM’s 2nd regular album ‘Glitch Mode’ will be released on March 28 at 6 pm on various music sites, and will also be released as an album on the same day.