Try turning me into a clone and Imma go MADD.” It’s a promise which Seattle musician Brittany Davis holds true to throughout their dynamic, joyous and wholly unique debut EP I Choose To Live; out today via their mentor Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam guitarist/co-founder) and his Loosegroove Records. In just six songs, Davis explores impassioned hip-hop, fierce R&B, cathartic electro, introspective ballads and dancefloor-ready pop as they draw on deeply-felt life experiences and unmatched musical ability to share a powerful message; that embracing yourself – and everything that makes you “different” – is the most profound act of courage there is. Listen to I Choose To Live here:

Brittany Davis onI Choose To Live: “I’m here about the heart and spirit. I’m here about making spaces for people who have been silenced by societal norms. So they have a place to go and have a place to speak their mind. I’m here to make a difference.”

Throughout I Choose To Live, Brittany does exactly that – whether it’s using their rhyming skills on the EP’s title track to shine a light on the pandemic’s most overlooked communities, or calling out ableism against fellow blind people with lines like “even though I can’t see doesn’t mean I’m in some alternate reality” on the collection’s “Loud Loud World.” With an unwavering optimism and focus on togetherness, I Choose To Live finds Davis using their truly fresh perspective to channel an eclectic array of sounds and styles in pursuit of a more openhearted world. As Brittany says, “the only way to conquer is to fight together.”