Disciples of Death, the world’s fastest-growing heavy metal club, has cultivated new strategic partnerships with Radio Bloodstream and Death Wave Entertainment aimed at accelerating the organisation’s global growth.

The partnership with Radio Bloodstream has been ongoing for several months with the two organisations working together on several projects. Now the relationship has been cemented into a closer strategic alliance with Radio Bloodstream becoming the official radio station of the Disciples of Death.

Both organisations are now set to collaborate on two new TV productions. Titles for each have not been disclosed but one production will focus exclusively on underground heavy metal bands and the other on a broader range of metal artists.

Production begins shortly and the first episodes are expected during the summer.

Death Wave Entertainment is a Liverpool-based heavy metal promoter. Partnering with an independent promoter signals a fundamental change in strategy for the Disciples of Death and is the club’s first expansion into the live music market outside of its own in-house promoters.

Disciples of Death will cease to promote its own events in the city and will instead promote those of Death Wave. Disciples of Death will also provide its website as the primary ticketing platform for Death Wave, free of charge.

In doing so, Death Wave get a free marketing channel to drive ticket sales, and Disciples of Death get more events to offer to its members. The relationship provides an insight into how the Disciples of Death plan to work with other independent promoters in cities across the USA, UK and Europe.

In addition, the Disciples of Death has established a new chapter in Norwich and its president is busy preparing the launch of its first official event in the city. Disciples of Death has members in cities across the USA, UK and Europe and out of that community chapters are beginning to emerge.

Norwich offers an opportunity for the club to expand into a previously un-serviced area of the UK. It is clear the city has a strong heavy metal culture and following, and the Norwich chapter will pull that together into a more cohesive community.

All of this demonstrates a strategic transformation at the Disciples of Death and offers the first realistic path to achieving its long held global vision. With critical strategic partnerships in place, the club and its allies can combine resources and collaborate on projects, freeing up more time to focus on one another’s strengths.

Rob Cronan, founder and global president at the Disciples of Death explains: “These partnerships allow each of us to free up time to focus on higher value tasks, avoid duplicated effort and pinpoint where our tactical investments should go.

“From my point of view, previously I was running the website, producing content, creating videos, organising gigs, liaising with bands and venues, sorting out merchandise production and shipping and so on. You get spread too thinly across a wide range of initiatives and cannot focus enough on any one thing.

“All that has changed. Now, I can focus on developing the club’s membership experience, growing our numbers and creating real, tangible value for our members.

“Alongside that sits the value we add to bands and providing them with a channel and route to our audience.

“Previously these critical areas were neglected, but being able to partner up with the teams at Radio Bloodstream, Death Wave and our colleagues in Norwich means the club takes on a different structure. One that allows us to come together, add value to one another’s ventures and achieve a shared global vision.

“The future is not only very bright and exciting, it’s now something we have a realistic chance of achieving.”