Today, multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter Danielia Cotton releases her new album Good Day. The album is an 11-tracks that take 3 decades of near misses, close chances, 40 feet from stardom, love, loss, and redemption through a blend of motown, soul, gospel and rock n’ roll. This album marks Danielia’s long awaited emergence in her own right. Listen to Good Day here: LINK

With an unforgettable voice that’s been described by The New York Times as “soulful enough to fill a revival tent,” Danielia’s versatility as an artist is on full display on Good Day as she weaves her way in and out of genres. She masterfully melds gritty rock n’ roll, blues, motown and gospel into a gorgeous sonic tapestry; from the 70’s-inspired gospel anthem “Follow Me,” to the soul-inspired choir ballad “A Different War” or the rollicking, bluegrass and alt-country title track; Good Day lifts the spirits in a way that feels like a breath of fresh air after a long year. 

Good Day brings together an eclectic group of collaborators and all-star musicians, including B-52’s and Rolling Stones collaborator Charlie Drayton (drums), Matt Beck of Matchbox Twenty (guitar, keys), former Black Crowes Bassist Andy HessLady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” guitarist Kareem DevlinMarc Copely (guitar) Jeff Cohen(lyrics) and rapper Mickey Factz. Under the masterful direction of recent grammy winning producer, Dave O’Donnell, these eleven songs makeup the truly cohesive set of songs, greater even than the sum of its parts: in other words a real old school album.

Written during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Good Day serves as a beacon of hope amidst dark times and a reminder to strive for a more joyous and equitable future. Thematically, Good Day approaches some of America’s most pressing issues such as race and wealth disparity. Tracks like “A Different War” see Danielia illustrating her experience as a biracial child in a mostly white town, fighting different battles than her white peers, while “Elysian Plains” was written along with the acclaimed Jeff Cohen, after both had suffered close family losses as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Good Dayrecycles the pain, loss and social upheaval of the past two years and transforms it into an album that’s both beautiful, uplifting and hopeful. 

Danielia brings a vast ocean of experience into Good Day, adding in a recent interview with The Bluegrass Situation her hopes that, “….my career might mean creating something that becomes part, however small, of someone’s memory, someone’s sense of peace, someone’s sense of solace, or someone’s sense of joy.” Read more in The Bluegrass Situation HERE. And No Depression says, “with her command of rock and soul and the fearless spirit she brings to the musicPr, she ultimately does make you a believer in a good day,” highlighting her versatility as an artist and her comfort in traversing multiple genres. 

With the release of Good Day, Danielia has played a select few special performances, including a hometown show at New Jersey’s Hopewell Theater earlier this week. Check out some pictures from Danielia’s performance this week here. Gearing up for a strong and brighter 2022, Danielia is excited and ready to hit the road to bring her rollicking new album to fans around the country