London’s fast-rising artist and creative visionary, Lauren Rogers-Martin (LRM) is set to host her first solo exhibition, Lost Vanity at Molton Brown, Regent Street, London. This exciting LRM x Molton Brown collaboration will take place at the luxury fragrance connoisseurs flagship store in the heart of London’s West End on 3rd May 2022 between 6.30pm-8.45pm.

They say, “you should never look back” but so much of the artist Lauren is today is because of her incredible journey and the experiences that have moulded her along the way. Inspired to study Fine Art in her hometown at the University of Arts, London, Lauren skilfully evolved her craft and discovered her signature style as a Fine Artist and Illustrator. Her archived artwork has become the pivotal building blocks in creating the innovative artist that Lauren has graciously become.

The Lost Vanity Exhibition honours this charm of nostalgia as it will entail a powerful collection of some of Lauren’s archived work as well as new additions. From impactful abstract paintings to dynamic illustration sketches, Lauren is adept to express her artistic versatility. Effortlessly fusing a richness of classical influences, Lauren presents a uniquely personal take on modern life in her signature style – playful, light, and delicate; yet passionately strong and feminine.

Her work explores a multitude of timeless and contemporary questions: the fragility of romance, the crowded chaos of modern life, the beguiling transience of glamour and vanity, as well as the timeless allure of nostalgia. Molton Brown, an iridescent brand of memories in itself, provides the most auspicious partnership to display her first solo exhibition. This iconic brand, who are honoured with a Royal Warrant, have mastered the art of luxurious scents and beautifully align nostalgia with individuality. Just as art awakens the imagination and tantalises the senses, so does the charm of alluring scents.

Over the past few years, Lauren has worked with influential brands through her unique style of illustrations and paintings. This includes her iconic “Protect The NHS” illustration, depicting an NHS nurse with a tear whilst a sketched character who personifies the British public places a crown on her head. This was shared by hundreds of thousands on Facebook and Instagram, including brands such as Elan Café. The famous café brand printed the feature illustration on their signature coffee cups as well as having the illustration blown up across their doors of their Carnaby Street, London branch.

Lauren’s palette of inspiration blends all shades of authenticity; love, accompanied with vintage photography enhanced by her own personal expression of femininity. The real journey for Lauren began in January 2019, when she felt ready to share her illustrations, paintings and style on a global platform.

Lauren is excited and honoured to be hosting her first solo exhibition at Molton Brown, Regent Street, London. This LRM x Molton Brown collaboration is one which channels the powerful feeling of nostalgia and questions the art of beauty and the female stigma for perfection. As the world of aesthetic beauty rapidly evolves, Lauren reflects on her personal expression of beauty and individuality.

The Lost Vanity Exhibition invites you to reconnect and reflect. When Lauren started out on her journey as an artist, the expression of individuality and beauty were often blurred by the lines of fear; the fear of being judged, the fear of being misunderstood and even the fear of how she would be perceived. It turns out that some wistful memories can remind you of the power of loving the original you, the imperfect and inconvenient you. Lauren invites you to join her on rediscovering the expression of individuality and explore the depths of vanity through the wonderful charm of nostalgia.

This is an invite only exhibition.

For further information or to be added to the guest list please contact

Gina Gambhir