Ricky Dale’s sixth novel, ” The House on Dundas and Vine ” has almost become the author’s nemesis, inasmuch that it has unpredictably ruffled more than a few feathers in southern Ontario where the storyline takes place. So much so, that of late, Ricky has been advisedly persuaded to cut short his four-week promotional visit to Canada – at least for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for Ricky Dale said: ” This is not the first time that Ricky has been in hot water over his indiscretions about his former links with the “Family” in southern Ontario. His 2019 novel ” CLOUDBURST ” also stirred the pot somewhat! Ricky misguidedly imagines that because all the revelations in his books occurred decades ago, it is not at all risky to publicize the events in story form! However perhaps this most recent fray – which was crystal clear – has been a wake-up call for him.

Ricky Dale was married into the ” Organisation ” during the 1960s and indeed received recognition as an entertainer at several Organisation establishments. It was after his wife was killed in an automobile accident that Ricky decided to return to the UK.

He has always been rather circumspect about his former life in North America, however the success of his novels seems to have given him a new and enlivened perspective.

Ricky puts his newfound success this way : ” My protagonists are real people, and for that reason, my readers find it natural to bond with them. I really warm when my reader tells me how they often turn each page in anticipation of what’s coming next. Although in some respects my novels are not ideal bedtime reading, lulling my reader asleep doesn’t cut it with me! I write what they dig and they dig what I write – it’s that simple!

” The House on Dundas and Vine ” – Limberlost Trilogy ,and all of Ricky Dale’s novels can be found online – Amazon ,Waterstones etc Or from your local bookshop.