‘s new entertainment program ‘National Children’s Song Project – Baby Singer’ (hereinafter ‘Baby Singer’) will be broadcast for the first time on the 12th.

‘Baby Singer’ is a new entertainment program newly produced by KBS to commemorate the 100th Children’s Day this year. In order to create a new nursery rhyme with lyrics that children can relate to, instead of an old nursery rhyme that captures the emotions of half a century ago, novice entertainer nursery rhymes and 14 most exciting and talented baby singers in Korea have teamed up to learn in daycare centers and kindergartens across the country. presents a nursery rhyme.

Jang Yoon-ju, who appears as a music teacher in ‘Baby Singer’, is a singer-songwriter who has already proven his writing, composing, and singing skills. Jang Yoon-ju, who has a history of releasing a number of her albums, participates in the production of nursery rhymes through this program, and unfolds the aspect of a nursery rhyme producer with her own musicality and sincerity.

In addition, Jang Yoon-ju, a top model, started with the movie ‘Veteran’, which mobilized 10 million viewers, including active fashion activities as a top model, followed by the upcoming movies ‘1 Victory’ and ‘Citizen Deok-hee’, followed by the Netflix original series ‘House of Paper’. Through his activities, he has broadened his acting spectrum and is being loved by the public.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s ‘National Nursery Rhythm Project – Baby Singer’, which Jang Yoon-ju joins as a music teacher, will be broadcast for the first time on the afternoon of the 12th.