Nikki Taylor Vibe (aka Nikki Taylor) is an American Singer Songwriter, born in Long Island, NY. Her unique sound and style is rooted in her formative music years working in Indie Hip Hop. She started writing songs at a young age and has written, performed on and co-produced multiple collaborative albums, across several genres.

Nikki Taylor Vibe now returns with her new feel-good R&B Pop anthem titled ‘Can’t Let You Go’ which is out now on all platforms.

“Can’t Let You Go is about being drawn to someone that you would not expect to be and falling in love in a way you never thought was possible for you. You love when they’re around, hate when they leave and deal with the adjustment of being alone when they’re gone.” – Nikki Taylor Vibe

She’s a cross genre artist with a soulful voice and an ability to connect deeply with her audience through hypnotic vocals and deep lyrics that tell stories which are ever present in her new single.

Nikki continues to mention:

“Can’t Let You Go was written, produced and recorded at 3am with my brother during the summer in our studio shed.  It has a chill, lofi sound while still being catchy and feeling mainstream.”