S.E.S.’s debut song ‘I’m Your Girl’ remastered music video has been released and is a hot topic.

The ‘I’m Your Girl’ remastered music video, which was released on the YouTube SMTOWN channel on the 10th, is a fresh and bright original music video with high-definition video and high-quality sound source.

‘I’m Your Girl’ is S.E.S.’s debut song released in 1997. It not only captivated music fans with its innocent and lively charm, but also recorded mega hits such as winning first place on various music shows and receiving awards at year-end music awards.

On the other hand, SM Entertainment is conducting the ‘Remastering Project’ to expand the base of the K-pop industry with YouTube, and upgrades music videos and sound sources of legendary artists that they have produced directly for the past 25 years to fit the digital platform.