A ground-breaking new product designed to improve the wake-up process is set to launch in the UK this month. 

The scientifically-tested supplement, named B ・SYNC ON https://b-sync.life is the only known bedtime formula that specifically targets the waking process, and is designed to help those who struggle to get up in the morning.

● When taken at bedtime, B・SYNC ON releases its key ingredients, caffeine, Vitamin B5, B12 and Zinc only after 7 hours, which is just before scheduled wake-up time.

● This facilitates the sleep-wake transition and substantially improves the user’s wake- up process. To achieve this innovative release characteristic, B・SYNC ON uses a patented, delayed-release formulation.

● B・SYNC ON is proven to significantly reduce the emotional, cognitive and physical signs of sleep inertia.

B・SYNC ON is the first scientifically-tested bedtime formula that is proven to help its users to wake-up with ease.

A comprehensive clinical study conducted in a Swiss Sleep Pharmacology Laboratory has shown that B・SYNC ON has a significant elevating effect on mood and cognition

immediately upon awakening, and that it substantially improves the overall wake-up experience. A peer-reviewed article summarising all the study results was published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports” (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-98376-z). In addition, field studies on 120 consumers have confirmed the wake-up facilitating effect.

B・SYNC ON has been developed over four years by the Swiss nutraceutical company, Galventa. Comprising a team of sleep science experts and pharmacologists, Galventa has used extensive testing and trials to develop the product.

Dr. Dario Dornbierer (https://b-sync.life/pages/dr-dario-dornbierer), Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of Galventa says: “We’re incredibly excited to be launching B・SYNC ON in the UK. We started our journey with the aim of developing a product that would help those struggling to wake in the morning with a safe countermeasure that would help them wake with ease.  We are delighted with the results of our clinical and consumer trials and very excited to be launching B・SYNC ON in the UK for the first time.”

He adds, “We’ve conducted extensive sleep pharmacological testing among healthy volunteers. The results revealed a substantial improvement of the wake-up process. The majority of subjects reported a significantly improved mood and increased vigilance immediately after awakening.”

BSYNC ON will be launched in the UK on 7 March, 2022 and will be available to purchase via http://www.b-sync.life. A packet of 20 capsules costs £24.99.

Says Sascha Fritsche, Co-Founder and CEO of Galventa, “B・SYNC ON aims to empower night owls, shift workers, business travellers, insomniacs and those struggling with problems waking. Most members of our team are night owls that have a hard time getting up in the morning and were thus even more motivated to create an effective countermeasure. We are thrilled about B・SYNC ON, which is the product of many years of hard work and research and we are excited to be launching it in the UK this month.”