– Cho Boah, appointed as a public relations ambassador for the National Tax Service, plans to participate in activities to spread a culture of sincere tax payment
– Cho Boah, donation activities → Exemplary taxpayers continue to have a good influence

Actor Cho Boah received the Presidential Citation as an exemplary taxpayer on the 56th ‘Taxpayer’s Day’ and was selected as a public relations ambassador for the National Tax Service in 2022.

On the 3rd, the National Tax Service selected Cho Boah as a model taxpayer on the occasion of the 56th Taxpayer’s Day. Cho Boah was awarded the Presidential Citation in recognition of his contribution to the development of Korean culture and arts and the spread of Korean wave, and for his contribution to national development through faithful tax payment.

The National Tax Service has appointed celebrities selected as model taxpayers as ambassadors every year, and Cho Boah was also selected as an ambassador for the National Tax Service following Kim Hye Soo, IU, Lee Seo Jin, Cho Jung Seok, and Park Min Young. Accordingly, Cho Boah will announce the efforts of the National Tax Service in 2022 and participate in various activities such as the National Tax Service poster and public service advertisement model to spread a culture of sincere tax payment.

KEYEAST, Cho Boah’s agency, said, “Cho Boah is an actor who spread good influence by constantly paying attention to donation activities. I am delighted that Cho Boah, who has been faithful in paying taxes as a citizen, has been selected as an exemplary taxpayer,” said.

Meanwhile, Cho Boah is currently playing the role of ‘차우인’, who chose the path of a military prosecutor for revenge in the tvN drama ‘군검사 도베르만’, showing a successful acting transformation and showing a strong presence.