“As a reliable partner, we will spare no effort to provide full support”
– Proof of an entertainer who is active from works to advertisements, radio, and entertainment

Actor Park Ha Seon continues relationship with the general entertainment group KEYEAST by signing a second contract renewal.

On the 4th, KEYEAST said, “Park Ha Seon, who has recently been active in various fields including dramas and movies, as well as advertisements, radio and entertainment, has signed a second contract renewal with KEYEAST. We will continue to provide our full support as a reliable partner based on our strong trust.”

Park Ha Seon is immersed in not only dramas and movies, but also radio and entertainment, and communicates with the public through a friendly image, exuding a variety of charms.

Season 2 of kakao TV’s ‘며느라기’, which drew the consensus of many women, ‘며느라기2…ing’, he gladly returned once again with the role of ‘Min Sa-rin’, who came across the unexpected pregnancy news. It is showing the power of Park Ha Seon once again, gaining popularity with a deeper story and grown characters, and breaking through the cumulative number of views of 20 million views.

In addition, Park Ha Seon has been leading the radio ‘Park Ha Seon’s Cinetown’ for over a year with his extraordinary passion and love for movies. With his unique comfortable voice and friendly hosting skills, he achieved smooth communication with guests and listeners, and won the SBS Radio DJ Rookie of the Year Award in 2021.

Meanwhile, KEYEAST, a comprehensive entertainment group with which Park Ha Seon has renewed its contract, is Kang Han Na, Ko A Sung, Kim Dong Wook, Kim seo Hyung, Kim Eui Sung, Mun Ka Young, Woo Do Hwan, Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Dong Hwi. , Jung Eun Chae, Cho Boah, Chae Jung An, Hwang In youp, etc. have been affiliated with them, proving their reputation as a famous actor management company and raising their status as a content producer.