“The happy times we were able to be together, I will cherish them as precious memories”
A pure boy in the role of Orpheus! A message of hope and solidarity

EXO XIUMIN (SM) shared their thoughts on the end of the musical ‘HADESTOWN’.

In the musical ‘HADESTOWN’, which opened in September last year, XIUMIN took on the role of ‘Orpheus’, a dreamer who is creating a song that will bring spring and possessing musical talent with absolute power. Successfully finished.

The musical ‘HADESTOWN’ is a modern reinterpretation of the story of Orpheus in Greek mythology. After winning eight awards including Best Picture and Music Awards at the Tony Awards, they performed the world’s first licensed performance in Korea and gained a lot of popularity.

In particular, XIUMIN maximized the unique and delicate soul ‘Orpheus’ with the pure charm of XIUMIN, stably digested characters and musical numbers, and delivered the message of hope and solidarity contained in the play to the audience, and received a good response.

XIUMIN said, “Now we are putting an end to the long journey that seemed like it would never end. We sincerely thank everyone who has loved HADESTOWN during this time. I was really honored and happy to be able to be with HADESTOWN for 6 months. I will cherish all these memories.”