Bite-Sized Books, the fast-growing UK publishing house, has formed a partnership with Delhi-based Copper Coin Publishing to facilitate book production, printing, and distribution throughout India.

The first book to be published under the new agreement will be acclaimed author Farrukh Dhondy’s Hawk and Hyena – What Really happened to the Serpent, a blockbuster that carries forward the story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, the subject of the 2021 Netflix/BBC 8-part mini-series.

Julian Costley, CEO of Bite-Sized Books commented, “Working with Copper Coin will give us a significant boost in reach and revenue. In addition to an increasing stream of new titles, we have a back catalogue ripe for republishing. I feel we’ve landed on our feet – Copper Coin Founder and Editorial Director Sarabjeet Garcha shares our entrepreneurialism, passion for books, and ethics.” See: Bite-Sized Books/about

“We have the creative infrastructure that Bite-Sized Books needs to make an impact in the Indian book market,” added Sarabjeet Garcha. “We are dedicated to ensuring not only the careful curation of serious authors but also the democratization of readership. The curious yet hesitant reader dreaming about books in Haldwani is just as important to us as the glib bibliophile strolling upmarket avenues in Bangalore. Our well-knit team built over 8 years makes us confident of success. But equally, we have conscientious authors that Bite-Sized Books are well placed to promote in their own markets.” Copper Coin Publishing/about

Bite-Sized Book’s Chairman and founder, Dr Paul Davies, who has lived and worked extensively in India, made reference to the scale and growth of the India book market. “A Nielsen survey has pointed to a Rs 739 billion (£7.3Bn) market growing at CAGR 19.3%. With a growing middle class, and an ever-present significant number of SME businesses, we’ll be emphasising our literary and business books titles.”