A world where students develop their learning in the Ethereum blockchain-based Somnium Space

Sophia Technologies Ltd., a UK EdTech company and British online school, announced today that it has partnered with The Metaverse Group, a Token.com affiliate company. This partnership sees it become the first British online education provider to enter the metaverse, where it will launch its Immersive Learning Discovery Centre in Somnium Space.

“The future of education is here. Virtual reality worlds are a great way to stimulate creativity, collaboration and communication,” said Melissa McBride, CEO and founder of Sophia Technologies Ltd. “They also have the potential of fostering critical thinking in students because anything is possible when you’re inside these immersive environments. One thing that makes them so powerful for education? The metaverse’s virtual nature, which allows children to learn without realising it – this is the Holy Grail of education.”

Sophia recognises the need to be proactive in moving away from the current system to one that helps students prepare for living and working in the digital age. Sophia already sets the benchmark for high quality digital education at its online school, Sophia High School, but is always looking to push the boundaries in what is possible in education through technology. That’s why it’s taking this exciting step into virtual reality (VR) and is excited to be part of an ecosystem that is shaping education inside of the Metaverse.

The EdTech company seizes any opportunity to bring quality learning to more students at affordable prices. Its most recent immersive learning programme, Athena Labs, does this by connecting students, from the age of six to 14, across the world in VR. They are taught everything from science and history to art and language, go on virtual field trips and learn about social entrepreneurship.

Sophia is looking forward to reimagining education inside of Somnium Space.