SUPER JUNIOR, “New song ‘Callin”, the most wonderful song… It warms my heart”
-SUPER JUNIOR, what’s the killing part for the new song ‘Callin” that the members personally picked?

‘K-POP Legend’ SUPER JUNIOR introduced a new song with unparalleled wit and chemistry.

Prior to the release of the special single album ‘The Road: Winter for Spring’ on the 28th, SUPER JUNIOR released a special interview video of the members through the official YouTube channel at 00:00 on the 25th.

This interview video, which was held at the music video shooting site for the title song ‘Callin”, contains the contents of the SUPER JUNIOR members talking about this album with each other in their own space. The warm relationship of SUPER JUNIOR, who debuted 18 years ago, has been revealed and is getting a good response from fans.

About ‘Callin”, a collaboration with producer Kenzie after a long time, SIWON introduced it as “a wonderful song.” RYEOWOOK said, “The members liked this song as soon as they heard the demo,” and HEECHUL showed affection, saying, “You can listen to it in winter or when spring is just beginning to bloom.” LEETEUK, who was selected as the member most likely to introduce a new song, said, “I recorded happily and listened to it over and over again. A song that warms my heart.”

As much as the members’ soft sensibility and vocal charm were utilized, SUPER JUNIOR showed the wit of voting for ‘members that fit the music video well’ and ‘the best part’. HEECHUL, DONGHAE, and YESUNG voted for KYUHYUN’s part as their favorite part, expecting “it will capture the hearts of fans”.

Finally, SUPER JUNIOR said, “It’s been a long time since I filmed a warm music video. I am happy every day at the thought of starting 2022 wonderfully with ‘Callin” and meeting the fans. I hope you have a warm spring with us. It will be a music video that fans will also cherish.”

‘The Road: Winter for Spring’ is SUPER JUNIOR’s first domestic album in over a year, and contains a total of two songs including the title song ‘Callin” and ‘Analogue Radio’. The mature sensibility of SUPER JUNIOR is expected to present a lyrical atmosphere that goes well with spring.

SUPER JUNIOR, which previously released the individual teaser images of the nine members and three music video teaser videos, is expected to intensify the comeback fever by presenting various contents sequentially before the comeback.

All songs from SUPER JUNIOR’s ‘The Road: Winter for Spring’ and the music video for ‘Callin” will be released on online music sites at 6 pm on the 28th.