To dominate the world of metaverse with Korea’s excellent content and technology, and to train talented people who will lead the global entertainment market in the future.
-To Participate in leadership lectures for undergraduate and graduate students, and joint research with the department of computer science and AI researchers.
– Joint research of Metaverse-related advice and Metaverse Research Institute (tentative name)

Soo-Man Lee, SM Entertainment’s executive producer, was appointed as a visiting professor at KAIST (President Lee Kwang-hyeong) as a visiting professor.

This appointment was promoted in the wake of the ‘Metaverse Research Business Agreement’ signed by SM Entertainment and KAIST in June last year, and invites creators who have led the Korean Wave culture in the global entertainment market as professors to promote innovative development of engineering technology Of course, we aim for a huge and creative collaboration that will lead the future entertainment market.

Executive Producer Soo-Man Lee is a visiting professor in the Department of Computing at KAIST and plans to take a special lecture on leadership for undergraduate and graduate students and participate in research on metaverse within the school as an advisor. 3 years.

In particular, the metaverse research in which General Producer Soo-Man Lee participates is conducted as an interdisciplinary joint research at the Metaverse Research Center (tentative name), which will be established under the KAIST AI Research Institute. The content and technology using the avatars of real people (celebrity) owned by SM Entertainment help to preoccupy the global metaverse market and demonstrate the core capabilities that made K-Pop and Hallyu the world’s cultural center, thereby promoting Korea’s virtual convergence culture and related issues. We plan to add strength to lead the economy.

Executive Producer Soo-Man Lee said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to meet students as a visiting professor at KAIST, the birthplace of Korean science and technology. We will work together to dominate the bus world and lead the future global entertainment market more strongly.”

President Lee Kwang-hyung emphasized, “The ability to unleash infinite imagination in the metaverse is an essential element to adapt to a new era” and “The vision and creative insight of Executive Producer Soo-Man Lee, who looks ahead to the future content market, is the foundation of KAIST members. I hope I can give positive and fresh stimulation to them.”

Meanwhile, Executive Producer Soo-Man Lee was selected as the first Korean for 5 consecutive years (2017-2021) in the ‘Variety 500’ announced by Variety in the US. ‘ The first Korean to win the ‘Youngsan Diplomat Award’ for the first time in 2017 as a cultural figure, the only Korean selected on the US Billboard ‘2020 Billboard Impact List’, and the 10th Gaon Chart Music Awards ‘K-Pop Contribution Award’ proved Recently, he is taking the lead in establishing the P2C ecosystem by first presenting ‘Play2Create’ (P2C), a new concept and participatory creative culture that allows you to enjoy recreation using IP like play.