Jackson Velli aka the mastermind behind project Picture Us Tiny returns with his infectious new single ‘Josie’. Fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic and his love of pop-punk greats like Green Day and Fall Out Boy, the 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist sets out to create music that would be reminiscent of a different era. His sole purpose is to ensure catchy punk music will never die.

Picture Us Tiny captures the essence of adolescence, from awkward experiences with girls to anxieties over what it means to grow up over 2000s-esque power pop instrumentals. In ‘Josie’, Velli draws on lived experiences and a particular relationship that he found himself writing about. 

“Josie is about one of those moments where you really wish you never met this person because of everything they put you through, but simultaneously, you can’t help but care about them more than anything in the world no matter what they do,” explains Jackson. “Josie focuses on the strange intersection between these feelings and not knowing what to do about it. I mentioned earlier how writing “Josie” felt like a therapy session, and this is particularly true in analyzing this relationship and my inner psyche.”

Talking about the creative process Jackson mentions, 

“The pandemic is obviously still challenging, and our “normal” way of living is seemingly behind us for the moment. That being said, the writing and recording process of “Josie” was a testament to working creatively and adjusting to the ever-changing circumstances.  I had my buddy Peter Banks who plays all the drums on the Picture Us Tiny tunes go into the studio in Washington, DC with my engineer Ben Green. Dan Recorded his guitar parts from home in New Jersey, and I tracked vocals on my own. Definitely an unorthodox recording process, especially given the style of music I make, but the pandemic has forced artists (and everyone for that matter) to think outside of the box and adjust.”

It’s clear Velli’s nostalgic production and honest lyrics have struck a chord; with over four million total TikTok views and over 200k streams on his latest single “Forever & Always (Tiny’s Version), Picture Us Tiny has steadily gained a passionate fan base that’s growing by the day.