Overwhelming + alluring atmosphere! ’The Best visuals ever’
“My supporting fans are the motive power that makes me who I am”

TVXQ! MAX CHANGMIN (SM) became a hot topic with an overwhelming visual.

MAX CHANGMIN conducted a photo shoot for the March issue with Vogue Korea, a fashion magazine, and revealed elegant charisma reminiscent of a masterpiece through a classic mood concept.

In the photo, MAX CHANGMIN creates an alluring atmosphere with a languid look, while exuding an understated sexy with the opposite charm, exuding an aura that cannot be reached, and drawing admiration for the professionalism that changes depending on the styling.

In an interview following the day of filming, MAX CHANGMIN talked about her second mini-album ‘Devil’, saying, “Overall, I am satisfied. It took about a year to make the album. It was because I wanted to make an album that was satisfactory even if it took time. I worked hard to raise the level of the content I was preparing,” he said, expressing his feelings at the end of the activity.

In addition, MAX CHANGMIN said, “The driving force that made me is the fans who support me and like my music. Because of them, the more time passes, the more I feel that the singer ‘MAX CHANGMIN’ exists.”

Meanwhile, MAX CHANGMIN, who once again built her own unique musical color with her second mini-album ‘Devil’, is the NAVER NOW. Active as the main host of the live show ‘Free Hug’, he is loved for her candid appearance and comfortable hosting skills.