His second time acting challenge His as a male lead character ‘정시호’, an attractive male friend.
“I’m so grateful that I have a precious opportunity! I’ll do my best”.

NCT DOYOUNG (SM) continues his acting challenge.

DOYOUNG will be cast in the role of ‘정시호’, the male protagonist of the TVING original ‘나를 사랑하지 않는 X에게’, and will present a different charm.

‘나를 사랑하지 않는 X에게’ is a romance drama that tells the story of a special lyric note that makes anyone fall in love with themselves for a month. It is expected that the image of young people in their 20s who are struggling in their dreams and love will give viewers deep sympathy and excitement.

In the play, DOYOUNG’s ‘정시호’ is a college student who is traumatized by the wounds he received from school in the past. As the only friend who knows the secret of the note of the female lead ‘서희수(한지효)’, and a person who sincerely cares about her ‘monthly romance’, it is expected to lead the development of the play in an interesting way.

DOYOUNG said, “I am very grateful to have once again had a precious opportunity to act like this. I will do my best to show a good side for those who believe in me and for my fans.”

DOYOUNG has been performing various activities such as MC and entertainment in addition to group NCT activities. Last year’s drama ‘심야카페 시즌3 -산복산복 스토커’ received a good response, and the musical ‘마리 앙투아네트’ was also successful. It has been completed, so it raises curiosity about what kind of performance he will show this time.

On the other hand, ‘나를 사랑하지 않는 X에게’, which is attracting attention with DOYOUNG’s appearance, will be available only on TVING in June.