Second time to prove ‘Another Class’ this year.
Perfectly pulls the 2022 fashion keyword ‘low-rise’ style! ‘Trend-setter LIM YOONA’
“I think ‘Artist’ LIM YOONA grows when ‘the essence of myself’ has wide experience”

LIM YOONA(Girls’ Generation YOONA, SM) to prove ‘Another Class’.

LIM YOONA appeared as a cover star for the March issue of the fashion magazine ‘ELLE KOREA’ and showed off her unique charm through her intense aura.

In the published photo, LIM YOONA showed that she is a unique fashionista by perfectly digesting the ‘low-rise’ style, the 2022 fashion keyword, with her strong lines and different bold poses.

In particular, LIM YOONA has already decorated the second cover this year, starting with the January issue of ‘Allure Korea’ and ending with the March issue of ‘ELLE KOREA’. has been proven to be influential.

Also, in an interview conducted with the photo shoot, LIM YOONA talked about growth, saying, “When the person ‘LIM YOONA’ changes, I feel that the influence affects my performance and acting. What I have, the ‘body’, should be abundant. I feel and accumulate new things, so I feel like I grow together when I grow up.”

On the other hand, LIM YOONA is filming in the tvN new drama ‘Big Mouth’ as a nurse ‘Miho Go’, who has both her outstanding beauty and bold side. She confirmed her appearance in the movies ‘Cooperation 2: International’ and ‘Two O’Clock’, and heralds her active career as an actress.