– SUPER JUNIOR, comeback on the 28th → YouTube live notice on March 1st… Nice communication for a comeback after a year

SUPER JUNIOR, DONGHAE · LEETEUK · YESUNG teaser release part of the title song ‘Callin” for the first time

‘K-POP Legend’ SUPER JUNIOR heralded the atmosphere of the new album with teasers for DONGHAE, LEETEUK, and YESUNG.

SUPER JUNIOR released the image teasers for the DONGHAE, LEETEUK, and YESUNG versions of the special single album ‘The Road: Winter for Spring’ and the first music video teaser video for ‘Callin” through the official SNS on the 17th and 18th.

First, in the image teaser, DONGHAE, LEETEUK, and YESUNG are receiving light in different spaces. The three people’s warm visuals and warm atmosphere give a warm sensibility to the viewers.

The music video teaser video begins with YESUNG’s voice, “행복하고 싶어졌어”. Next, YESUNG, DONGHAE, and LEETEUK showed dim eyes in their respective spaces, and the lyrics “It’s time for love” and a part of the soundtrack are included, raising expectations for the euphemism of ‘Callin”.

‘The Road: Winter for Spring’ is SUPER JUNIOR’s comeback after more than a year. With the teaser image and the music video teaser video for the title song ‘Callin”, SUPER JUNIOR’s unique soft sensibility is foretold, making spring even more awaited.

Before their comeback, SUPER JUNIOR plans to release the teasers of EUNHYUK, HEECHUL, SHINDONG, KYUHYUN, SIWON, and RYEOWOOK sequentially to establish the mood of ‘The Road: Winter for Spring’.

In addition, SUPER JUNIOR will conduct a comeback live on the official YouTube channel at 8 pm on March 1, the day after the release of ‘The Road: Winter for Spring’, and continue active communication to introduce the new album to fans.

The main music video of SUPER JUNIOR’s special single album ‘The Road: Winter for Spring’ and the title song ‘Callin” will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 28th.