Have you heard of the green cremation urn that plants a thousand and one trees

edenn, a UK-based startup, on a mission to bring sustainability into the afterlife with its unique, mushroom-based and tree-bearing cremation urn, announces its launch.

Cremation, the more environmentally friendly alternative today, on average burns enough diesel to fill up two car gas tanks. To offset the 115,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted by cremations each year in the UK, we need to be planting 11,000 trees every day. This may seem impossible to achieve, but at edenn we came up with a plan to do so within the next 12 months. We are funding the planting of 1000 trees for every life honoured with the edenn urn. In the words of our CEO, “You can actively participate in achieving our goal of ensuring a sustainable future from the afterlife! With 11 urns a day, we can plant enough trees in a year to deliver on our promise and offset death’s carbon footprint”. The trees are planted with different missions across the globe. The first one is in Kenya, in partnership with a local initiative, endorsed by the World Economic Forum, that helps communities there combat deforestation.

Purpose-made and tree-bearing, the edenn urn is meant to envision a green and living legacy for your loved ones and yourself. The urn can transform one’s cremated remains into a beautiful tree of any kind. You can honour the lives of the departed with a novel, yet personal and dignified farewell.

A source of innovation, the edenn urn is grown, rather than produced. It is made from a living material, mycelium, that is nature’s filter and the ‘stem’ cells of mushrooms. The urn’s eco-design and built-in circularity make it not only biodegradable, but also everlasting. You can safely keep the urn at home forever or you can plant it in nature where it will nourish its environment and carry the legacy of your loved ones in the form of a living tree. Learn more at edenn.life!